Saturday, January 15, 2011



da lame seyh tak update blog.. 
almost 2 weeks since da start new sem..
yela,line broadband kat melaka agak slow..
so,susah sket nak update..
but there's a lots of story nak share..
unfortunately, i takde mood nak story skarang..

you guyssss....
i feel empty rite now and wanna cry wit no reasons...
really hate diz feeling..
i need someone to talk wit..
ohh,i miss everyone.. seriously..
all my bestfriends..
nak nangessss!! -_-
dimana kamu semua??
i need youuu..

lately asik -ve thinking je..
rase down pon ada..
and i have no one to share with..
lonely, pity me..
that's why lah jadi begini..

k lah...
hope everything will be okeyy..
to my beloved bestfriends, do call or text me,k..
i miss you guyss soooo much..

- to bdk kecik : get well soon and do take care.. ;)

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