Thursday, October 06, 2011



hello.. it just a quick update..

on 29 october, i akan convo for my diploma.. for 3 years i have been survived and struggled..  alhamdulillah.. dapat convo on time wit all my friends.. happy and proud of myself.. although tak dpat 3 or 2 stars but at least ada 1 star which my cgpa is above 3 pointer.. syukran.. ;)

this is my 3rd time convo since form 3 and form 5 i dah penah convo.. hihi.. and seronokk tau.. but this is more meaning full lah sebab diploma kan.. and nanti orang kasi a bouquet of flowers or any gifts.. besttt nye... nakkkkkkk... hahaha..

time form 3, my parents kasi a bouquet of ferrero rocher.. and form 5, my parents kasi instead of a bouquet of flower they gave me a bear.. sooo sweet and cute lah my parents... diz time, dapat ape eh? hihi.. sape lagi nak kasi present??? i terima je dari sape2.. haha.. i love flowers.. yesss.. tak kesa ape2 jenis flowers pun.. suke suke.. sekuntum pun jadi laaa.. nak nak nak... heeee..

and i wish my girlfriends will come on that day.. maybe fify ke, nazreen ke.. heee.. and others friends pun kalau sudi,datang lah yer.. ;))

okey.. tue je.. thanks for reading.. ~kamsamnida~.. ;)) 

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