Sunday, February 05, 2012

happy birthday, TRIO..


banyak pulak rasa nak post malam nie ennn.. haha.. ni qada' story2 yang belum update.. heee..

on 1st feb aritu, me and my friends planned lah nak celebrate birthday mereka2 yang berkaitan.. since i dah promised nak buat kan cake untuk diorg, so ktorg celebrate birthday tue dekat dataran shah alam.. ini semua idea irfan nak buat kat situ.. and easy plak kasi idea nak ber-picnic kat situ sambil makan dominos pizza.. me baked rainbow cake from 3 pm till 8 pm about 5 hours nak siapkan cake tue.. woahh!! lama okeyyy.. but alhamdulillah, they like the cake...

after lepak2 kat dataran tue, ktorg lepak kat restoran murni kat area subang.. it was my first time going there and sangat suke air pink panther die.. sedapppp.. and chicken chop special pun sedap.. around 3 am baru ktorg balik.. it was a great night spent time wit all my bestfriendsss, nazreen, fify, akim, easy and irfan.. thankss korang..

here's the photos..

happy 22nd birthday irfan, fify and nazreen..
my artwork.. rainbow cake..
me and nazreen.. ;)
the rainbow cake and dominos pizza..
and the next day, me, fify, easy and akim went to ikea to eat meatballs.. yippiee... 

the meatballs..
akim and shikin

fify and easy.
that's all.. good night, readers.. ;)

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.h. said...

im missing this great time