Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i miss home...


wow,da lme x update blog.. lately busy wit assignments,quizes and test.. sangat lah sibuk dan x sempat nk update blog.. lg pn da 2 weeks x blk umah.. oh,gosh.. I MISS MY FAMILY.. sgt best kalo my whole family gather 1 day.. i miss my little cutiest cousin, MAISHA.. she's 3 years old ( i think).. tomorrow i go home.. yeay.. next week pn blk lg... but FINAL EXAM around the corner.. haiyoo.. sgt chuak dow.. i must get 3.5 above for this sem.. need to work hard.. now we're in APRIL month.. ahaaa.. my BIRTHDAY is 28 APRIL,ok.. dun forget dat.. i wish to have surprise bday party.. but it just a dream.. hum.. lagi pun on dat day ada final test.. AIS 200 plak tue.. sgt x best.. hope everythings oke.. k.. i got to go..

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