Friday, January 29, 2010



lme gle x update.. soo busy lately.. x sempat nk update my blog.. so now, ak nk update serba sedikit about my life in january 2010..

last 2 weeks, suddenly i got headache again and again.. last year pnah gk kne sakit kpale nie.. lebih kurg 1 month gk laa sakit.. then,doktor ada ksi ubat and sakit tue ilang slowly.. but now sakit tue dtg blk.. glerr x thn woo.. rse nk hentak je kpale kt dinding.. even tdo mlm pn t'jge kul 3 pg sbb sakit sgt.. later i need to go to hospital for check-up.. please,pray for me friendss...

okeyy.. next story is about sukan bakat baru (part 1) uitm melaka.. since i am MT Sukan for my college, so ak laa yg incharge menda nie.. ada game netball,volleyball and futsal.. every ptg budak2 tue training kt court.. thanx to my friends nana,yan,shilla and mein coz tlg dak2 junior training..

on netball day, ada 4 team je.. so,i really hope my team menang.. sgt sengit tym lwn ngan Dang Anum.. and finally,my team menang 7-6.. glerr ar.. teror btol adik2 aku nie.. at the end, my college won 1st place for netball.. congratss,korg..

on futsal day.. ak x hope sgt futsal mng.. coz x reti pon nk training diorg.. juz msuk utk have fun.. but suddenly a lots of bad thing happen.. huru-hara plak mlm tue.. sakit kpale ak oii.. mule2 rmai players yg injured.. one of them kne bwak gi hsptl sbb idung patah.. sorg lg kpale bengkak gle.. yg len ade t'seliuh,luka and mcm2 lg.. lpas tue,ada plak sorg supporter yg pengsan lak.. aku bwk laa die blk kolej.. and lpas tue, dat girl kne histeria plak.. adoiii... mcm2 lak yg jd.. da laa MT (Majlis Tertinggi) ada bpe org je.. parah2..

on volleyball day.. this is da last day of the game.. hope jgk laa nk mng.. but 1st game kalah ngan Tun Kudu.. x pe xpe.. kalah bermaruah.. sengit gk laa.. and ble lwn ngan Dang Wangi, ktorg mng.. so, we won 2nd place for Volleyball.. and ak dpt pingat and bear org utan tue..

i was soo happy and a big thanx to the players.. for supporters pn korg sgt besttt..

here some photos.. (mls nk upload byk2)

me wit pompom..

team netball - 1st place..

team volleyball - 2nd place..

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