Monday, February 15, 2010

bel 312..


da part 4 pn ade bel lg.. tensen btol.. dpt plak lecturer yg cerewet.. lg laa pning kpale.. but sumtimes clas bel enjoy and fun.. but sumtimes cm hampeh je.. diz sem bel x de final paper but kiotrg kne wat 4 presentation which contribute marks in GPA.. so,sgt bersungguh-sungguh utk presentation.. 1st presentation about promoting a product..

i am presenting about chocolate and my product name CHOCOHOLIC..

here's some photos..


our catalog..


here's the products..

i made the chocolates..

gift from CHOCOHOLIC to Madam Indriani..

fyi,the chocolates i made it by myself.. but my frens yan and mein tlg laa skali.. kitorg wat chocolate tue kt umah nenek mein kt area masjid tanah..

wan present about Paintball..

jabek the model for Paintball..

si penyibuk..

raihan wit her cupcakes..

overall,our lecturer Madam Indriani was soo impressed with our presentation and said that we give full commitment to our presentation.. hope fully we got better marks for our presentations..


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