Thursday, February 18, 2010

mid valley reminds me the past..

yesterday,i lpak2 wit my college frends which are zira,yan,finaz and tasha.. coinsidently, guys pn plan nk lpak2 kt mid jugak.. so,kitorg ade laa borak2 ngan diorg kjap.. diorg tue adalah famy,haziq,syafiq,paan,sheby,yus and hafiz.. not to forget syukri..

the story begin...

i woke up at 8.15 am and around 9 am i da grak gi ampg point.. i tggu zira and then ktorg trus pick-up yan kt putrajaya.. it a bit jaoh but i x kesa sbb rajin.. hehe.. quite sesat area putrajaya.. but at last smp jgk.. dr putrajaya nk ke bangsar another big problem bcoz ktorg x tau jln.. juz tgk signboard je.. and finally berjaya jgk..

ktorg arrived at mid valley around 11 am.. and trus bli tket wyg.. fuhh.. pnjg gler que.. t'pakse laa bratur and ktorg the movie The Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.. for me, cte tue quite interesting.. Percy tu sgt hensem and chomell.. i loike..

the movie..

kami suka cermin..

mereka tanpa ku...

kami dan cermin lagii..

mau mkn ape,yerr..

famy control..


after tgk movie, yan,finaz and tasha da nk blk.. so, tinggal me and zira je.. kitorg mkn kt burger king.. then,famy ajak men bowling.. wah,suda pukul 7 lebih.. nnt my parents bising blk lmbt.. b4 blk,kitorg jmp the guys.. diorg mkn kt food court.. borak2 dlu sume.. then,ktorg chow..

otw blk.. punye laa kitorg sesat smp kt mne ntah.. aduihh.. pning kpale pusing2 1 kl.. but we tried our best to find out the right way.. and we made it!! hihi.. lpas anta zira, around 8.30 smp umh.. lega my parents x bising sgt..

"yesterday, i realise that mid valley reminds me of my past.."

then,i bought cupcakes for my mom's bday.. kitorg wat laa surprise kt my mom.. die sgt epi wit da cupcakes..

cupcakes for my mom..

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