Wednesday, October 06, 2010

one nite to remember..


last few months, my friends and i lepak2 from midnite till morning.. mereka yg terlibat nazreen, fify, akim, irfan, aizat, mirul, bais and acap.. but acap juz lpak skjap je sbb die pnat.. so, we went here and there mencari-cari tmpt lpak.. since ktorg da lme x hangout and lpak2 same2, byk laa story nak diluahkan.. haha.. then, si mirul yg bru je smp Malaysia dr Egypt, bole plak trus lpak ngan ktorg.. bkn nk pegi jmp family dlu.. apelaa.. and akim si bdk korea bru jgk laa berada di malaysia tym tue..

firstly, ktorg gather kat the curve and plan nk tgk midnite movie.. but since the cinema closed,ktorg pn changed plan and lpak2 mamak.. after dat, they decided to go to Genting Highlands on dat nite jugak.. wowww.. i was like "seriously nak naik genting mlm2?" haha.. agk scary but i think it will be fun lpak2 kat sane.. so,ktorg pn menuju ke sane around 2 am.. wah,nakal btol shikin nie yerr.. haha.. (bkn slalu weihh) ble smp kat sne, ktorg byk snap2 photos.. and all those memories will never be erased.. although, ak x brape rpat sgt ngan mirul and bais tp diorg sgt sengal and gler2.. (x sangke bley lpak ngn korg.. ;P )

here some photos.. ;))

i bought this cuppies.. bff..

nazreen & aizat

mereka sengal


sweet nye mereka.. ;)

kami without aizat..

kami suke jalanraya..

special thanx to all of you guys 4 da memories.. you will olweys in my minds although we were far apart, bestfriends..

psstt... dear bestfriends ku bdk kecik, never never and never lost contact lagii yer.. ;)

orite,dat's all..
tengss, kwn2..

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