Saturday, April 02, 2011



it's already 2nd april.. wow.. cpat nye mase berlalu.. and it seems like only 1 month je i nak spend tym wit my buddies kat uitm tue.. sooo sad.. 30th april is our last paper.. and we plan to have something etc. bbq or anything laa since after this mesti susah nak gather semua orang.. btw, my 1st paper on 20th april.. and i have 6 paper, okeyy.. banyak gilerr.. macam mane lah nak study.. 

anddd i loike april.. why??? haha.. it's my birthday.. yuhuuuu.. and i'm going to be 21 years old.. woahhh.. thank God takde paper on my birthday.. huhu.. but kne study lor for exams.. cheyyttt.. nak present ape ek diz year? haha.. kidding.. ;)

also ramai jugak my friends and families punya birthday such as :
  • 3rd apr - sis fana 
  • 7th apr - fatin atiqa
  • 8th apr - shilla and ismail ali (boyfie yayan)
  • 10th apr - dini
  • 24th apr - amani (cousins)
  • 25th apr - lyana nadhrah
  • 27th apr - uncle mad
  • 28th apr - shikin shariff and kimi (my bro)
heeee.. sorry if ada yang tertinggal in the list.. okiesss.. toodlesss... ;)

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