Sunday, April 10, 2011



seems like 28th april is coming soon.. so, nak ape eyh bday present from my parents.. hrmmmm.. nothing much in my head what is the most interesting present for my birthday.. 

perfume dior addict 2
stakat nie only 2 things yang i nak.. perfume tue memang feveret lah.. and nak new shades since i lost 2 shades time shopping kat singapore.. sedayy giler okeyyy.. now i only have 2 shades and da boring wit that.. other stuff, tak tahu lah.. takde kot.. ibu, blanje lah perfume and shadessss.. plisshhhh.. 

and best gak kan time birthday tue makan kat my feveret fast food..

jom makan kenny rogers...

damn.. sedap nye roasted chicken...

burger king pon best jugak..

my feveret is grilled chicken.. yummy...
Secret Recipe pon sedap jugak niyh...

those cakes look tempting.. yummy..

whoooaaa.. sangat lapaaa laa skng nie.. it's already 2 am.. malas nak cari food..

back to the story.. haha.. surprise? wuuuuu.. i loike surprise.. and cakap psal surprise nie i teringat kat my bff, raihan.. last friday was her boyfie, mael punya birthday.. so, die nak surprise kat mael tapi in the same time mael pun nak wat surprise kat die.. haha.. sweet lah korg nie.. i tak sabar nak tau story mael kne surprise and i heard that mael terharu sangat... so,mesti best kan surprise die.. i nak jugakkkkk... hahaha.. kidding.. no one can surprise me coz i always have instinct.. selalu my mom nak wat surprise tapi mesti tak jadi.. boringg betol.. haha.. 

unfortunately, my birthday tue time final exams.. so, mesti tak best.. takpe lah.. balik umah nanti bole celebrate wit kimi since bday ktorang sama.. heeee.. ;)

alrite... it's already 2.30 am.. tomorow i kne gerak balik melaka at 10 am and i'm alone.. takut lah nak drive sorang.. hopefully takde pape happen.. plez pray for me,okeyy.. love you, friends... good night.. ;)

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