Monday, June 13, 2011

kids carnival @ BSC..


hello world.. ahaa.. seems like i have been very busy last weekends.. yelaa, dah dapat job kan.. huhu.. nak tau ape job yang i buat? okeyy.. here's the story..

me and nazreen had applied a job to be a crew for kids carnival at bangsar shopping centre.. we have to handle a booth which the kids will play the games.. they have to buy coupons if they want to play the games.. and each booth will have different kinds of prizes for them if they play the games successfully.. almost 24 booth conducted many different type of games..

it happen from last friday till sunday.. i'm soo excited to work at this kids carnival.. i love kids sooo much.. especial to those yang sangat chomel yang gebu2 pipi die.. arghh.. rase nak cubit2 je tau.. and sometimes, ada jugak yang nakal tanak dengar cakap... sangat menguji kesabaran tau.. but i learnt a lots of things about kids.. hukhuk..

mostly the crew is chinese.. only 4 girls including me are malay.. but diorang sangat baik and friendly.. sangat senang bekerjasama wit them.. and we had been provided wit lunch and dinner.. sangat sedapp wooo makanan nye.. best best...

ada few moment yang i ingat psal kids yang datang booth i.. there was a cute lil chinese girl about 4 years old dress up like a snow white.. sangat chomel... geram nye..  another girl die chinese jugak.. tapi maybe tak fasih bahasa melayu.. so, i explain the games in english lah.. then, bila i kasi die the prize and her mommy suro cakap thank you.. then, the girl said "thank you,kakak".. alalala.. cute nye.. and banyak sangat kids yang chomel2.. 

tibe2 i rindu my lil cousins maisha and amani.. dah lama tak jumpe diorang.. okey,back to the story.. ktorang start keje pkul 9.30 am till 9 pm.. lama kan? sangat penat tau.. lagi2 kene berdiri all day long.. cramp kaki wooo.. seryes.. dah lah kene drive.. ohh, korang nak tau.. kat BSC tue parking die mahal giler.. so, we decided to park the car outside the mall.. nie parking yang masuk coins tue.. then, 1st day okey lah dapat parking.. 2nd day tue, ya ampun... parking tue sume full.. and ktorg juz parking dkat housing area.. u know wut?? i got love letter from DBKL.. saman!!! arghhh.. tensi tensi tensi.. sengal btol.. and last day ktorang sampai awal jugak lah tapi takde parking jugak.. geram betol.. then,ktorang parking je kat housing area since hari ahad DBKL off day.. naseb baek takde love letter lagi..

nah, tengok gambar nie.. ;)

view overall booth..
me and nazreen..

diz is my 1st booth which is color drop.. ;)

overall, best sangat dapat this job.. dapat entertain those kids yang sangat chomel.. hope next time dapat job2 yang best.. teheee... okeyy.. toodles.. ;))

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yvonne chai said...

Hi Shikin,

Sorry to be odd, but can i know who is the organizer of this carnival? as i am planning a carnival party for my daughter.. i m seeking for this organizer contacts.

thank you if you can share..