Friday, June 03, 2011

tugu drum circle..


heyy, fellas..

cerita ni da agak basi.. hee.. but i nak story jugak.. tak kira.. it happen last monday which my dad bought few tickets to watch a show of music at dewan filharmonik petronas KLCC.. so, yang pegi that nite ialah my dad, my mom, boy and his girlfriend, kimi, me and nazreen my bestiest.. sooo unbelievable my parents invite my brother's girlf to enjoy the show.. seems like my parents da suke wit that gurl.. haha.. when will be my turn to bring my boyfie? haha.. wuekkk.. not yet.. long way to go.. =P

back to the story.. ade few team yang perform such as tugu drum circle, Aswara Percussion, musician from other country and many more.. they played many different type of instruments with their own style and really impressed us.. i really enjoyed the show on that night.. 

thank you ayah for the tickets.. love you.. ;D

jom layan photos here..

dewan filharmonik petronas..

tugu drum circles

hindustani.. ;)


ASWARA.. paling i suke..

ending was awesome..
if you guys want more, u can google tugu drum circle and they have a few videos in youtube.. happy watching.. okeyy.. that's all for tonite.. tataa.. ;))

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