Friday, May 13, 2011

new hobby..


hello, peeps.. i just discover new hobby.. haha.. act, i dah lama tau pasal video some of these cool peeps such as maria elena, mat luthfi and few more peeps.. tapi b4 diz i just tengok few je videos diorang.. since i dah takde keje kat rumah nie, i usha lah video mereka2 ini.. and i just discover new cool video from anwar hadi and najwa latif.. so, my new hobby is watching their cool videos.. 

* Maria Elena * 
she's cool and superb girls.. i love her style.. although she's wearing hijab but she's can dress up in her own style which is very pretty and gorgeous.. and her friends also damn cool and gorgeous macam shea rasol.. ;)  sila usha her blog here..

* Mat Luthfi and  Anwar Hadi*
they have similar interest of making cool videos.. really interesting.. sumtimes bole buat kte ketawa tengok video mereka.. and they are malaysian but study abroad.. cool,huh? sila usha blog anwar hadi disini.. or google je their videos in youtube.. ;)

* Najwa Latif *
this little girl baru 16 years old.. but she has a good talent which she can play guitar and sing very well.. really impressed.. and tibe2 terasa nak blaja maen gitar.. wink wink.. huhu.. sila usha her blog here..

wah, seronok nye jadi femes macam diorg kan.. juz thru internet je da bole femes.. haha.. they have their own amazing talent.. me? none.. haha.. okeyy.. that's all.. toodless... 

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