Tuesday, May 24, 2011

thank you, Allah..



pssttt.. i have a good news.. bhahahaha.. it's for me lah, of course.. tehee.. act, today patot nye baru bole check result at 9 am tapi last nite, i check result kat student portal and suddenly da bole tengok my result.. and alhamdulillah i pass all the papers.. thank God.. i chuak giler paper audit.. naseb baek lah pass.. but GPA i trun sket and a bit dissapointed.. tapi okey jugak sebab CGPA still maintain.. alhamdulillah.. i'm happy coz i will be graduated soon.. yeay!!! maybe 1st class lower kot.. huhu.. syukur sangat2 bole convo on time..

and a big congratulations to all my friends for your achievements.. seems like most of them pass all the papers.. alhamdulillah.. and to my beloved housemates, zira, yann, nana and shilla.. i love u soo much.. i will never forget how hard we struggle for final sem.. thanx a lots,girlsss.. tak lupe yayan and her housemates... sayang korang sangatttt.. and can't wait for the convo day!! see u guys in Malacca soon.. <3 <3 

to ayah and ibu, i try my best to achieve a good result and this is what i got.. hope ayah ibu will be happy and proud of me.. thank you sooo much for your support.. i love you soo much, ayah ibu.. ;DD

hopefully, i dapat further degree wit course yang i minat and tempat yang best.. amin...



Nur Zalikha binti Halim said...

Congratulations shikin !! :D

kirei girl said...
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kirei girl said...

kin kin..tahniah...=) gud luck for the next step..!

shikin shariff said...

aeka : thank you,babe.. ;DD

puti : terima kaseh.. congrats 2 u too.. ;DD

shilasam said...

congrats utk kite sumer.
study mcm nk gler da.haha
alhmdulilah sumernye membawa kpd kejayaan.
dpt grade on time.huu
love u